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Why Offering Free WiFi to Your Customers is Wise

Many business owners cringe at the name of offering free WiFi to their customers. They believe it will distract them from the brand and reduce sales. However, the very contrast is true. Today, an internet connection is not just an expense but a necessity. You can leverage this to keep your customers indulged with your brand. It is definitely an asset to your company, no matter what industry you belong to. 

Here is how offering free WiFi to your customers will increase your sales.

#1- Your Customers Will Stay at Your Premises Longer: Offering free WiFi to your customers is an excellent way to engage them with your brand. The longer a consumer stays in a place, the more they will linger on the products and services you sell. According to a Cox study, 60% of businesses reported that customers spend more time in their shops with free WiFi, and over 50% spend more than they usually would. This can be backed by the fact that humans are prone to impulse buying. If they see something while they are still at your business location, they might as well purchase it, whether they need it at the moment or not.

#2- It Increases Customer Loyalty: You can retain more customers if you offer free WiFi at your business place. Clients have a positive experience at your location and are better able to connect to the brand that puts customer satisfaction as its priority. They are also more likely to revisit the place next time they are looking for a similar product or service.

#3- It Improves Your Online Ratings: You can improve your online ratings and reviews by asking customers using your WiFi to submit an online form. Your customers will take the initiative themselves to rate your website and business online. You can also create software that prompts your customers to submit ratings and reviews for your business. 

#4- It Will Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors: Customers don’t just choose the businesses that offer them quality and reasonable prices, but they also go for the ones that provide a variety of services to enhance customer satisfaction. Offering free WiFi to your clients will ensure they return to your business whenever they need services related to what you provide.

#5- It is an Advertising Opportunity For You: You can also use free WiFi to promote your brand. When customers log in to your network, offer special deals and discounts to them. You can also nudge them to follow your social media platforms.

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