Social Powered WiFi

Social Wi-Fi is a powerful marketing tool that Smargasy highly recommends to brick and mortar business owners.

Social Wi-Fi is an innovative way to effortlessly capture new leads and encourage customers to keep coming back for more. If you have a brick and mortar location, Smargasy recommends that you offer free Wi-Fi access. Then, our expert team can help you turn your free Wi-Fi into social Wi-Fi.


What Is Social Powered Wi-Fi?

Social Wi-Fi allows business owners to turn their hotspots into lead generation machines. Instead of giving customers a cumbersome Wi-Fi password to use, business owners will allow them to log on via their social media accounts. Then, the social powered Wi-Fi network captures valuable marketing insights. It also provides users with special offers, discounts, and other promotions.

The Step-by-Step Process of Social Powered Wi-Fi

Turning your hotspot into social Wi-Fi is simple when you partner with Smargasy. Here’s how it looks to your customers:


Customers love free Internet access! They can log on via any device.


Customers go to a landing page that directs them to log onto the social Wi-Fi via their social media account.


After logging in, customers are asked to engage with your brand, such as by “liking” your Facebook page. They can then be directed to special offers.

It’s a simple process, but a powerful marketing tool. While your customers are enjoying the free Internet, you’ll be able to collect valuable marketing insights. You’ll also direct customers to promotions.

Our Social Wi-Fi Features

  • Automatic Lead Generation: Your Internet network can automatically capture leads for you as potential customers log onto your network.
  • Bandwidth Control: Some customers may use up more bandwidth than others. To ensure equal access, you can set limits on the amount of bandwidth per customer.
  • Custom Landing Page: Our website pros will design a custom landing page for your business. It will capture your brand voice and reflect your unique style. The end result is a landing page that engages customers and funnels them to your products or services.
  • In-Depth Analytics: You’ll receive an in-depth report that provides insights on your customers.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Customers who receive rewards for their loyalty are more likely to continue to patronize your business. You can provide special offers such as coupons when they log onto your social Wi-Fi. You can even set up contests and other promotions.
  • Social Media Connect: At Smargasy, we understand the value of social media marketing. Your social Internet network allows you to encourage your customers to interact with your brand on social media.

Turn Your Internet into a Lead Generation Tool Today

Smargasy’s team of experts is standing by and ready to help you drive the growth of your business. We’ll walk you through each step of the process to turn your Wi-Fi hotspot into a lead generation machine. And if you ever need help or have a question, our friendly customer support team is here for you. Contact our office in Fort Myers today at (239) 214-8592.

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