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Protect sensitive and valuable information with secure communications – and tight control for the enterprise.


Protect your business! Protect your clients! Secure your Communications.

In the 21st century, enterprise voice and text communications are loaded with competitive secrets, intellectual property, and sensitive or strategic information. When access to that information is breached, the consequences can be dire.

SaltDNA Enterprise is the best weapon enterprises have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information. Eliminating your enterprise’s mobile communications risks has never been easier, faster or more effective. SaltDNA’s rock-solid encryption framework together with its focus on mobile usability, deployment exibility, and comprehensive control functions make it effortless to strengthen and reinforce your company’s security posture.

Mobile communications have greatly increased the risk of information leaks.

The impact of mobile technology on businesses has been profound. The rapid increase in mobility has a dark side; mobile device-related breaches are growing as well. The PwC 2015 Information Security Breaches Study on UK corporations found a 100% increase in mobile device breaches. These statistics highlight the growth of device breaches, and the importance of protecting mobile communications in the enterprise.

To protect mobile communications, enterprises need to secure the mobile endpoint and encrypt the voice and text conversations while in transit. Just like Firewalls, intrusion prevention and anti-virus, encrypted mobile communications should be standard in any enterprise security strategy. Secure calling needs are moving beyond just international travellers, top executives, or government officials. Every enterprise that communicates strategic information via mobile devices should have an encrypted mobile communications solution that also provides tight control of users, calling circles, call activity, metadata and call quality.

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