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Don’t compromise your company’s assets. Enable productivity by sharing and collaborating in a secure environment.


File Sharing and Collaboration

Preview, edit, share files/folders in the cloud.

Sharing files securely across departments

The Smargasy FileLocker collaboration application is designed to solve growing enterprise security concerns over the method of file sharing and the control over such file-sharing and collaboration.

All business departments must share files. Using SmargasyFileLocker collaboration application improves employee productivity, rather than relying on email or a simple SharePoint deployment.

Smargasy FileLocker

Your enterprise users are using free file-sharing for a simple reason: it gives them a convenient way to share data. Smargasy FileLocker gives business users the ease of use they desire, but with the security your customers require. No more blacklisting. No more work-arounds. Use Digicel inside and outside of any company securely.

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