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83% view cyberattacks as one of the top 3 threats to business, but only 38% feel prepared for a sophisticated cyber attack.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security - Is your business at risk?

Cyber Security

Smart decisons give you an advantage against your competitors

With today's high tech world there are concerns over security and protecting private information. Businesses these days are compiling a lot of personal information and storing it in their computers. In particular, small businesses are keeping this sensitive information on-site. This can be a big problem for a number of reasons:

  1. Unforeseen natural occurrences ( i.e. Fire, Flood, Wind) these can damage a server that is on-site.
  2. Hacking or Cyber-attack, this can happen in many different ways, (mal-ware, spy-ware, trojan horses, phishing, and viruses).
  3. Physical criminal activity or theft/burglary which can result in a loss of computer equipment. The list goes on.

So...How protected are you and your business? Do you have a good security system in place? What about a back-up of your files, computer software programs, customer information and pertinent personal information about yourself and your company, banking information?

These concerns should not be taken lightly; you should know that Cyber Security is an important Business Continuity Planning (BPO)/COOP issue. It seems like every week there are new headlines about hackers bringing a business to its knees. The stolen funds, bad publicity, and embarrassing revelations are front page news. How can you protect your company from these issues? The best protection it seems is to implement plans and procedures. The best way to demonstrate the needs for those procedures is to perform a Cyber Security Audit and implement the resulting recommendations.

Click here to read more about threats from out and inside; in the newest Intelligence Report from Symantec (PDF).

There are a couple of different ways you can audit your security, the first is internally which can be difficult to do. The other is from an outside source like Smargasy. By using an outside source like Smargasy there are certain criteria that should be adhered to.

To get an audit and find out just how secure you really are, please contact us let Smargasy help protect your business, your customers, and yourself.

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