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Increase Your Automation So You Can Capture Leads While You Sleep

Lead Connector from Smargasy allows you to automate workflows so the software is working for you whether you’re busy on another task, out of the office, or sleeping. Lead Connector combines multiple powerful tools from a variety of popular marketing platforms into one time-saving, money-saving software application.

Workflow Automation

Lead Connector’s workflow automation lets you set up tasks and functions that get carried out on their own when they are triggered by certain events or tasks in your system. This means that an email setting an appointment can be automatically added to your calendar with a reminder set and post-meeting tasks arranged. A customer reaching out to you on your website can generate a response and follow-up tasks with no effort on your part, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Customer Website Chat Function

Lead Connector’s customer website chat function means that no matter the day of the week or hour of the day, a customer visiting your website will get a response. No longer will you be missing sales opportunities or dropping leads – Lead Connector captures customer information and queries no matter when they come in. Automate responses to customer questions and send responses so the customer stays on the site and gets the info they need.

Missed Call Text Back

Don’t worry about missing calls with Lead Connector’s missed call text back function. If your business misses a call, your contact will get a response right away letting them know you’ll get back to them. The text can also be automated to include further information for the customer, like a scheduling calendar.

Want to Make Marketing Automation Part of Your Toolset? Smargasy Can Help! If you’re ready to learn more about marketing automation in Ft. Myers, FL and how it can revolutionize the way you run your small business, schedule a demo of Lead Connector by filling out this quick online form.

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