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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get to know us, is just contact us. The most important questions and answers we have summarized for you here.

If you do not find your Answers here, please contact us.

1. I am looking for TYPO3 experts. Why should I trust you?

Since the first beta release of TYPO3 1999, we work with this system and have already implemented 100+ projects with it. We distinguish ourselves by the fact that we respond to customer needs and develop extensions according to meet customer needs and not vice versa. 

2. I am not satisfied with my provider. Can you help me?

After making you a individual offer and you agree, we move your domain from your old provider to the new one. You can have a 'all in one' package.

3. Can you 'pimp up' my existing website?

Of course, YES. After analysing your needs and your existing web preference we lead you step by step to your goals. You 'never walk alone'.

4. I have my own designer. Can you help me with the implementation?

After analyse the layouts from your designer, we search together for a solution to implement the website for your needs.

5. Do you make package deals or do i have to pay per hour?

Both of them. It depends on the individual project. Mostly we are working with package deals. We think that it is the best for our customers so they can keep your costs at a glance.

6. What happens to my request?


We will review your requirements and provide you with specific questions about the desired reaction.

When we have gathered all the information we need, then you get an offer from us.

This process can be iterated in many ways. Either by phone or via e-mail or by one or more personal meetings. Or by a combination of everything.

7. Why should i use TYPO3 as a CMS?

TYPO3 is a open source Enterprise Content Managing Software developed for high end web preferences. For more information please read our TYPO3-Section.

8. I have different domains and web hosts. Can you manage everything together for me?

Yes we can. We have standard hosting packages. We also offer customized solutions, who you need it.