Welcome to Smargasy Inc.

We think customers are partners. Their success is also our success. Our expertise helps our customers manage their business processes more efficiently.

About us

Your IT service provider in Southwest Florida

Benefit from 30+ years experience in the IT industry and the reliability and success of our European roots.

We offer expert advice for your company in terms of required software. We develop software to suit individual needs or recommend - when necessary - appropriate standard software.

We at Smargasy, Inc. are dedicated to help businesses taking the step from being an offline- to an online-business. We focus on communication and understanding the exact needs of your business before we start development or services. Customer service is our greatest value, as we believe this is the most important aspect of service-driven businesses such as ours.

We are based in Cape Coral, Florida, and strongly support local business and we love it to be a part of the community. We don’t use any offshore development or call centers. When you deal with our company, you deal with real local people who care about your business as much as you do.

  • Andreas Dolleschal, President & CEO

    Andreas is doing IT-business since 1983. He is certified IT Project Manager and Certified TYPO3 Integrator. He uses TYPO3 since the first beta release and has a strong understanding of the TYPO3 Core. Besides his business focus he is also programming in PHP, C, C++, Pascal, Java and C#.

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  • Barbara Dolleschal, Vice-President & CFO

    Barbara is an expert in HTML, CSS and jQuery. She does the magic between PSD and HTML+CSS. She is always well informed about the latest developments in the industry. In addition, Barbara is your contact when it comes to Administrative and Financial Affairs.

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  • Udo Leimberger, CTO

    Udo made his hobby to profession. Since he is 16, he develops software. Starting with Commodore64, over mainframe systems he now ends up in developing websites, mobile apps and web-driven applications in different technologies. He is an expert in TYPO3 as well as finding solutions for IT problems. He has skills in PHP, Java, C#, C++ and especially in Caché.

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